We Love Our Church!

In 2003, a dream was born in the hearts of Tim and Carrie Bourne. It was a God-given dream. And a God-given dream does not die. That dream required them to take a leap of faith, some may say crazy-faith, and uproot their family to Frisco, Texas. A land with a promise of incredible growth. A land spralling with opportunity to reach thousands of men, women, students and children with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Frisco, Texas would become their home and their opportunity/mission/vision.

And now, Pastors Tim and Carrie ask you to partner with them and make Genesis Metro Church the home for many more people. People who are lost and seeking a way out. People who are weary from doing life alone. People who know there’s something more, something better out there for them. People who are longing for friendships, for community, and to make a real difference in their world. People who want to know about God, and how He fits into their life. People who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. People who are ready to invest in the next generation. People like you.

Frisco, Texas. Genesis Metro Church. Where it’s all about people.

Join Us In Giving

This is an exciting season in the life of GM, and your fervent partnership is paving the way for life-change to continue for generations to come!

Our Future