You Have To Be All In Before You Can Go All Out

You Have To Be All In Before You Can Go All Out

Unbelief is looking for a way out. Faith is looking for a way in.

Galatians 5:1
5 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery

I. What Does The Bucket Represent?
A. The desire to escape, exit or eject
B. Taking the enemy’s option over God’s opportunity
C. The enemy always wants to save us from the freedom that lies beyond our fears
D. Don’t Go Back!

II. You Have To Be All In Before You Can Go All Out
A. We must choose belief in our hearts over a bucket in our hands

2 Kings 2

B. The Bucket Came Down Three Times
1. Each time, Elisha kept walking with his master.
2. No matter what, he wasn’t taking the bucket.
a. You have to keep walking when it would be easier to quit
b. You have to keep serving when it would be easier to be selfish/surrender
c. You have to keep pushing believing the promise is worth the pain

C. Elisha knew what he needed wasn’t in the bucket of quitting and comfort.
1. Naaman – a general from Syria hears from a slave about a man that specializes in the incurable, and if he would travel to see him he would be healed
a. Healing The Incurable Wasn’t In Troy’s Bucket

2. The Axe head recovered…
a. Recovery Of The Impossibly Lost Wasn’t in Troy’s Bucket

3. The Shunammite woman lost a young son
a. Resurrection From The Dead Wasn’t In Troy’s Bucket

III. Unbelief Is Looking For A Way Out, Faith Is Looking For A Way In
A. Red Sea
B. David and Goliath
C. Fiery Furnace

IV. The Glory In The Story Comes After The All In
A. Many Will Stop After You Start
B. You Must Keep Walking
C. You Must Keep Worshipping
D. Jesus is the healing for the incurable
E. Jesus is the recovery for the impossibly lost
F. Jesus is the resurrection from the dead