Hearing Is Our Hope

Hearing Is Our Hope

I. Patterns Are Powerful
A. Saul Keeps Doing The Same Thing
1. What is the object of your pursuit? Is it possible we become fixated on someone or some task? Is it possible this fixation is coming from our flesh?
2. Your desire to prove them wrong starts taking you down a road
3. Your desire to hurt them back
4. Your desire to outpace them exhausts you
5. Your desire to without considering if you are playing the right game
6. Your anxiety over possible outcomes begins to overwhelm you because your faith in God isn’t bigger than fear of the unknown

B. Saul Keeps Getting The Same Result
1. The frustration of failure
2. The frustration of not feeling things are moving forward

C. Saul Keeps Holding On To The Spear
1 Samuel 26:6-7
6 David then asked Ahimelek the Hittite and Abishai son of Zeruiah, Joab’s brother, “Who will go down into the camp with me to Saul?” “I’ll go with you,” said Abishai. 7 So David and Abishai went to the army by night, and there was Saul, lying asleep inside the camp with his spear stuck in the ground near his head. Abner and the soldiers were lying around him.

1. Take Somebody With You
a. Ask at least 2 if you need one

2. What are you holding on to?
D. Saul Feels Bad But Won’t Change
1. 1 Samuel 24,26 David spares Saul’s life
1 Samuel 26:21
21 Then Saul said, “I have sinned. Come back, David my son. Because you considered my life precious today, I will not try to harm you again. Surely I have acted like a fool and have been terribly wrong.”

2. What is motivating you? Man’s will or God’s will?
3. How are you responding when God is rebuking you?
4. The goal of God’s message is not to reveal sin until you feel bad,
5. Feeling bad about sin is only half way to hope
6. He reveals the sin so that grace can take you all the way to redemption, reconciliation, restoration

II. What Is The Difference Between David And Saul
Samuel 28:4-7
4 The Philistines assembled and came and set up camp at Shunem, while Saul gathered all Israel and set up camp at Gilboa. 5 When Saul saw the Philistine army, he was afraid; terror filled his heart. 6 He inquired of the LORD, but the LORD did not answer him by dreams or Urim or prophets. 7 Saul then said to his attendants, “Find me a woman who is a medium, so I may go and inquire of her.” “There is one in Endor,” they said

A. Saul would not surrender so he could not see
1. There is nothing more sad than someone who can’t see there way forward

B. Saul murdered the voice of God so he could not move
C. Saul could not hear so he lost hope

III. Hearing From God Made The Difference

A. Hearing From God Is Our Hope

Jeremiah 29:13
13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

B. We will only hear him when we seek him with all our heart
C. “It Takes All Your Heart To Hear”
D. “It Takes All Your Heart To Break The Power Of Your Patterns”
E. “It Takes All Your Heart To Humble Yourself And Receive Correction
F. When you give God all the love you have wasting on the relationships of the world, it will blow your mind, how he will allow you to escape, how he will keep you touching God’s anointed