Giving To The Children Of Israel

Giving To The Children Of Israel

David has to face the giant because his forefathers didn’t kill them.

Numbers 13:1-2
And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Send men to spy out the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the children of Israel; from each tribe of their fathers you shall send a man, every one a leader among them.”

Moses & the 12 spies
-God is showing the people of Israel the promise land
-For Years they were in captivity & slavery
-Sometimes you heard it, but God want to give us a vision of it
-God is always true to his word
-It was exactly what God described except…
-It had giants, cities, & it was someone else
-Joshua said, God said it’s ours
-10 said they couldn’t do it & 2 said they could
-They lacked the faith to say, I can take what God’s given me
-They got to the edge but lacked the faith to jump
-So they didn’t take the land
-Sometime all we see are the cant
-They went 49 years in circles
-If they just had faith, they could have had everything

Because of their lack of faith, giant lived, cities stayed fortified, and lands that belonged to them were in the hands of someone else
-How many times have we let Giants live
-How many times have we left sin fortified in our heart
-We need to have the faith to take these down
-Maybe the enemy has robbed you of your peace & of your joy
-Today, you can be free, you can have peace & Joy back
-He gives us a peace
-Will you take a stand to not let your children face the same giants you did?
-Freely he has given, freely we would receive

David has to face the giant because his forefathers didn’t kill them
-He was full of faith
-He took on a bear & lion and won because of his faith
-Worship, there’s life & death in the power of the tongue
-There’s power in the praises
-It’s crucial to our everyday life
It’s how you can believe you can walk in the steps he ordered
-Not by might, not by fight, but by my spirt!
-David was like ‘Where’s my slingshot?!’
-If Gods given it to you, it will come to pass…you just need faith
-It doesn’t matter the mountain, God can move it!
-He took the giant down that day

A lot of times we stun the enemy
-We never really put to death the giants in our life
-David took Goliath’s sword & chopped his head off
-The very thing the enemy is swinging against you, he will use as your testimony

No weapon formed against you will prosper
-If you’re listening today, the enemy did not succeed