Sunday Services
  • 9750 John W. Elliott Dr
    Frisco, TX 75033

  • Worship Center

Sunday Services

What time are your services?
Sundays at 10:00am and 11:30am

What style of service should I expect?
Expect a high energy, passionate worship experience. Worship is interactive, driving and engaging.

What type of teaching should I expect?
Expect Bible-based teaching. We use creative messages to present timeless truths. Our messages will equip you to worship God, grow your marriage & family, and enhance your everyday interactions.

What is unique about Genesis Metro?
Our sense of community. You will feel welcome and at home when you walk through the door.

What do you have for my family?
Every age is accounted for at GM. We have Lifegroups for all ages, including high school, middle school and elementrary groups. Each of these has their own worship experience every week.