LifeGroup FAQs

LifeGroup FAQs


When do LifeGroups meet?
The LifeGroup Season follows the FISD school calendar and consists of two semesters (Fall & Spring) that generally meet for about 12 weeks each. Groups meet one day a week (except Wednesdays) for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The rhythm of each LifeGroup throughout the season is different. For example many groups will plan their gatherings around a fellowship, an activity with another LifeGroup, or a service project.

LifeGroup Seasonal Rythym:
Fall Semester: September — December
Spring Semester: February — May
Summer: LifeGroup Break (new groups start up in Fall)

Is childcare provided?
Childcare is different for each LifeGroup, some hire FUSE Students who are looking to raise money for camp while others do not provide childcare. Check out the LifeGroup page for current child care availability.

What goes on at a LifeGroup meeting?
Each group operates a little different but many groups have a social time at the beginning often with a meal, a time for digging deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon, and a time for prayer.

What do LifeGroups study?
The LifeGroups are designed primarily for connection and community. For this reason, each LifeGroup will dig deeper into the previous Sunday’s sermon through engaging and thought provoking conversation.

Can I Invite Others to Join?
LifeGroups grow through multiplication. Each LifeGroup should be consistently inviting and encouraging others to be part of what God is doing. This will lead to the birth of new communities and more life change!

Can I Lead A LifeGroup?
LifeGroup leaders are always on the lookout for the next group leader. If you are interested in leading a group we have a training process to develop new leaders. When we feel you are ready to lead your own LifeGroup we may “birth” a new community with one or two other couples.

How Do I Choose A LifeGroup?
Many factors go into choosing a group such as age of the members and their kids, stage of life, location, day of the week, etc. We ask everyone to prayerfully consider which group God is leading your family to join.

How Do I Sign Up For A LifeGroup?
The new LifeGroup season will kick off in September! For more info send us an email! 

Who Do I Contact For More Info?
Send an email to