About Us

About Us

Genesis Metro Church creates a culture of life-change by building community and establishing disciples to transform the world we live in.

Every organization, be it secular or religious, has a vision.  This vision helps evaluate progress.  It provides direction for decisions.  It anchors our aim during uncertain times.

We have intentionally created an environment of life-change.  Our leaders share their lives with others.  They share how God has impacted them.  They share their struggles and mistakes.  It takes this level of openness for life-change to occur.  You can go at your own pace but we encourage you to learn to “do life together.”

The Bible says, “It’s not good for man to be alone.”  Many of us live lives of isolation.  At Genesis Metro, we believe this is not healthy. God created us to be in relationships with others.  Our motto is, “it’s all about people!”  Jesus said it this way, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Our vision is for people to get that it is not about “you”. Rather, life is truly lived out and enjoyed when we put others first: our spouse, children and friends.

We believe that the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to live a life of worship. Worship is not something you do just on Sunday morning. It is not just the act of singing songs to God.  Rather, God is calling us to live a life that is defined by worship. The ultimate goal of our church is to develop believers who live in such a way that every act of every day is an act of worship to or loving and almighty Creator – nothing more, nothing less.

The process of developing a life of worship in a mature Christian is call discipleship. We believe this is essential to our effectiveness as a church.  Jesus said the goal of the church is to make disciples by sharing His teachings.

Our church desires to teach all members how they can be agents of change.  All of us get to participate in sharing and serving Christ with others.  It is incredibly impacting when someone realizes, for the first time, that God can use them to make an eternal difference in others.